About St. Brigid's Academy and Seminary   Updated 9/30/2016

St. Brigid's Academy and Seminary is a private, religious-oriented, college-level educational institution founded as the teaching arm of the former Temple of St. Brigid's Moon Coven in 2005 (dissolved late 2016). We are dedicated to teaching the gentle ways of the Wiccan Path along with necessary requirements for those who choose to be ordained as ministers. St. Brigid's Academy and Seminary is based in Upland, California since early 2011 located in the northwestern corner of San Bernardino county, about 50 miles north and east of Los Angeles and about 25 miles east of Pasadena.

Accreditation Exemption
Because of the nature of St. Brigid's Academy and Seminary's academic programs and because the Degrees (First, Second and Third) offered as a result of these programs are not, by their nature, considered to be of the same class as mainstream academic degrees (Bachelor's, Master's, PhD's) but of religious levels of training and thus primarily of religious significance, St. Brigid's Academy and Seminary is exempt from California State requirements for accreditation and is, therefore, not a state accredited institution. While we cannot guarantee what other institutions will accept, it is possible that some of our coursework will transfer to other schools. It is the transferring student's responsibility to determine this prior to transferring and an official request from the new institution is required to provide transcripts without cost.

St. Brigid's Academy and Seminary teaches full course work on all Wiccan Degree levels. This potentially includes labs and even field work from time to time. [Distance students are guided in these efforts as well, however there will not be anyone available to physically assist them while in the field except, possibly, by phone.] Most work is provided through the Internet. This requires Internet servers, web-page design and site management. Also, classes are based on selected documentation requiring copy expenses for physical classes. Initiation and other rituals incur expenses as well. All operating expenses of the Coven and the School are covered by Coven membership dues and by member's and student's donations.

St. Brigid's Academy and Seminary charges students NO FEES for any programs offered.
However, donations are accepted! Students may find that there are minimal costs to them for books and supplies they choose to purchase themselves.

The teaching group of the Temple of St. Brigid's Moon, in the beginning, was active for several months. But after awhile, it became evident that a new format was needed to accommodate the varied and growing number of students. In August of 2005 we created St. Brigid's Academy and Seminary to address our needs and those of our students. We teach three levels or Wiccan Degrees, from First through Third and cover all aspects of Wicca. Some work will provide for Certification in a speciality field to the successful student.

While we constantly reorganize classes and eliminate, combine or re-write many of them. Recently 149 of the 278 classes were updated, eliminated or combined; we now currently offer over 260+ general, specialized and customized classes. We strive to adjust our curriculum to meet our students requests and requirements by adding and modifying classes on a continuing basis. There are two full Professors and an Instructor as paid staff. The school is open to all who qualify and who have a committed interest in learning. Coursework can be extremely intensive, therefore, serious dedication is required to maintain student status. All training programs are without charge at the present time. When fees are eventually required, as they will be likely in this economy, they will be extremely affordable for everyone. Small scholarships and grants may also become available in the future.